An eye-catching superhero wallpaper installation

No job is too big or too small at Andy Shanley & Son Painting and Wallpapering. This high wall wallpapering installation shows that.

A Finding Nemo mural for one very excited little girl.

The “A Team” working hard together on a weaved wallpaper installation.

A cloudy blue sky wallpaper installation.

The process of a grey and white coloured map of the world getting installed.

The beginning of a wall art design installation.

The second part of the installation of a tree wall art design.

The pasting and hanging process of a tree wallpaper design.


Another look at a wallpaper installation. This wallpaper features a black and grey design.

A horizontal wallpapering installation, featuring a grey brick wall design.

An insight into a ceiling wallpaper installation. Precision is key to ensure no air bubbles form within the process.

The pasting and hanging process of another wallpaper installation, featuring a bronzed pattern design.